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went to the lake with reed. haven't been doing much because of school. i have no idea which this lake is, but we had fun catching up and hanging out. we both almost fell in on two separate occasions walking onto that pier thing (not actually sure if it was a pier or a boat dock)

i was also testing out my lens ball that michael gave me for christmas. i think i have to play around in photoshop with it more cause i still have no idea how to use it. the lensball is a neat prop to help creatively take some photos. like the name sames it is pretty much a glass ball that is a lens. you can get some interesting photos with it , i still have to play around with it some more to unlock its full potential. however, i have noticed landscapes work better than portraits (or i haven't figured out how to take compelling portraits with it)

Reed's Instagram: @reedcochran

Check out their website: LENSBALL

*not an ad or sponsored post i just like their stuffs


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