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Honestly, since August my motivation for this website has been little to none. I have been too stressed from school and life which made me not want to do anything else. My motivation level was rock bottom. My art, or lack there of, definitely showed. I wasn't make things, I wasn't doing what I enjoyed. It was work, school, gym, work gym, school, repeat everyday. And when on the weekends it was homework. The most enjoyable time I had was on Saturdays when we played D&D, the only time I could become someone else, I could become Brad.

Escapism is something that I feel a lot of people struggle with in the world. There's aspects of your life that you don't enjoy and you try to fill the pain or boredom with another thing that is more exciting. For me it was usually art, but it was difficult for me to create when I was creating things everyday, all day for work or school. And it became a chore, something that wasn't as enjoyable as it first was. I found my ability to get lost in my character, which was, and is, still very much enjoyable. Every Saturday I get to put away my struggles in life and become a different person, a different being. Without being judged or made fun of, when you are around a table of ten other people who enjoy something as much as you do, there's something special to it.

While that being said, I can say I really don't know how much motivation I will have to make art. But I will say I will be more constant with creating. I promise to myself to make art that I enjoy, to create more memories with my friends and family. I promise to make the time to write more, to draw more, to photograph more (I don't know if that's a word), and to create more. It's what I enjoy and there's nothing holding me back but myself. 2020 is a big year for my creative abilities, because we are just getting started.


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