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this week was a full on adventure. shortly after arriving on the cruise ship we ate lunch and hung out by the pool. after about an hour i wasn't feeling all that well, so i went to lay down. a few hours pass and i wake up drenched in sweat and extremely cold even though i was tucked in bed tighter than a kindergartner on the night before their first day of school. i also had one of the worst feelings i have ever had in my stomach. i couldn't walk or really speak for that matter. the time between getting to the medical bay and the next morning ambulance ride i don't remember very well. however i do remember going to the key west hospital and getting a bunch of tests done. super friendly people. after being cleared by the hospital my parents and i raced in an uber to cvs for the medication and back to the pick-up location for the shuttle back to the boat....we made it. the next day we went snorkeling.

the rest of the trip we did things and had fun....and took a lot of photos

and more photos.....


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