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i'll start tomorrow.

I’ll start tomorrow. The long list of things to do and I haven’t done a single one. It’s like looking up at Mount Everest and thinking that you’ll never climb it. Not that I have aspirations to climb the tallest mountain in the world. I do have aspirations to climb my own Mount Everest, and I hope the same for you. In order to reach the top I have to start, not tomorrow, today. One task at a time, one step at a time. When the world seems to be throwing all this shit at you and you feel like you can’t keep going. It’s a whole helluva lot easier if you have disciplined yourself enough to keep going through, keep pushing yourself.

I’ll start tomorrow. The words I hear in my head when I have three hours of homework or when I’ve been working all day and I haven’t worked out. The words I say to myself when I see that girl I have a crush on but I’m too afraid to have a conversation with her. Or when you want to eat healthier but you worked all day and that fast food is soooooo much easier than having to cook. Well I know for a fact I’m not the only person who has those thoughts. If I am, this is awkward. To do tomorrow what you should’ve done today can really put a damper on not only your personal goals but also your mental health. In the long run if you keep pushing off what needs to be done you start to see yourself as a failure. You have negative thoughts constantly in your head. You become lazy, you start to think that you're a loser because you don’t have the motivation. In my opinion, discipline and consistency are more important than motivation. Motivation comes and goes. If you have ever seen a heart ekg monitor, the thing that goes beep-beep-boop that shows your heart rate and other stuff (Clearly I am not a medical professional). In other words there are lots of peaks and valleys on a graph. Well that’s a good depiction of self motivation. There are times when you feel like nothing can make you quit and others you don’t even see the point in doing what you’re doing.

I’ll start tomorrow. The words you’ll never hear a consistent person say. They wake up and do the work. Put in the time and effort to get the job done. With that being said, they weren’t born with superpowers or a crazy amount of motivation to wake up every day with the fire in their eyes. Unlike what social media shows a “normal” person looks like, most normal people aren’t happy 24/7 and motivated at all times. Everyone has had past experiences that have molded them into who they are as a person. The disciplined person was once undisciplined. The consistent person, inconsistent. The trick is to start today. Start doing that homework, start eating healthier, start training to climb your Mount Everest.

P.S. I’m not perfect. I could take my own advice too. I put off doing things until tomorrow too. We’re all human and make mistakes, that’s what makes humans such fascinating creatures.


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