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Spring 2021 - course work

Oil Paintings from "Painting I"

From top left and going right:

"Self-Portrait" - The assignment was to find a famous painter and emulate their style

(Ivan Albright. Self-Portrait (No. 10), 1982) personally my favorite painting from the whole class

"Two-Figures" & "Man" - a few figure studies

"Monsters" series. - far right was an assignment to mash up a painting and tech magazine

the other two are ideas made off the original

"Still-life" - studies of still lives? no a huge fan of these but good practice

Work from "Electronic Illustration"

From top left and going right:

Project 1 - rough ideas, and the final. Assignment was to design a movie poster for

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Project 2 - Recreate a van Gogh portrait and then paint your self in his style

Project 3 - Create a set of illustrations for an article for Larry David

My Thoughts

Going into this semester I had never painted traditionally or digitally before so it was definitely a challenge. Over the course of the semester I learned a ton and I think towards the end I actually started enjoying it. For electronic illustration, I felt not as satisfied with my end results on how everything turned out. I learned a lot about Photoshop and how to draw (still need to practice, cause I'm not where I want to be)

This was a strange semester overall (During the Coronavirus Pandemic, for those reading in the future). Painting class went pretty similar to normal. However, my other classes were completely online and the other was split into two different classrooms with half the class in each. Weird times. Going to university in the middle of a Pandemic was very interesting.


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