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this was another assignment for class. part 1

this was a two-part assignment. the first part was to find another artist and copy their work, the second part (which will be another post when i finish it) was to create your own work using their style.

for my artist copy i went with Kate Mur ( rendition of a tiger cub. she is an amazingly talented artist who does a lot of realistic animals.

i really like how this assignment developed my colored pencil skills. this was the first time i used colored pencils to draw an actual drawing. i liked how it turned out for the most part, i just wish i had done the drawing on toned tan paper so i could have drawn the white on instead of drawing on the white paper.

it's also kinda funny that i finished this when tiger woods won the master's so i like to think i had a role to play with that.

check out Kate's instagram:

*UPDATE* check out PART 2


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