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Time-lapse Background

Environments for Animation - Project 2

This project was to design a background in 2-pt perspective for different times of day in the same location. After a few different ideas and some feedback from my classmates, I ended up going with the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. Here's the process!

Rough Sketches

Photos of the rough ideas on what I wanted the environment to be and what angle of the stadium after I decided on the location.

Line work

Might go back and clean everything up a bit, Still a ton of room for improvement on perspective, something I need to work on.

Final Design

Played around with a lot of coloring + lighting for each design, I like the final outcome of each. Still learning how to color in Photoshop, experimenting and trying different techniques haven't found the one that I like the most.

My Thoughts

Overall, I am pretty surprised at how well this project turned out. Was a little worried I wouldn't have enough time to get this to turn out the way I wanted to in time. My favorite part is how I got the lighting and coloring. There's room for improvement (like always) most notably in my perspective, still getting used to using perspective grids and honestly I just didn't use one and 100% should have. Learned a lot from this project and will definitely apply it towards future projects.


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