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Parallax Background

Environments for Animation

This exercise was to create a parallax background, which in simple terms means the stuff that's closer to the frame of the camera moves faster than the stuff further away. In order to achieve the effect there must be different layers set up for what you want moving at different speeds.

EDIT: Forgot to mention the idea for the is taken from a scene in Rick and Morty.

I had fun with this one. I've learned how to do this already so I thought I'd play around with the camera and 3D features in After Effects, which is what most time was spent on. The layers themselves are made in Photoshop. There's a majority of the project spent in After Effects to make the animation really come to life. I almost forgot I used Adobe Animate to animate the sun, probably could have used Photoshop for that as well, but it was slightly easier in Adobe Animate.

Sketches 'n stuff

Rough ideas and things that didn't quite make the cut. (I also forgot to export more on my updates....oops)


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